Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sleeping setup

I've tested my sleeping setup the other night when temperatures here went down to -2 C and it rained a bit: Suitably cold and humid to test the sleeping setup I'm planning to use in April in Scotland. I'm not expecting that temperatures will generally be much below freezing for my hike and, as it turns out, there are ample temperature reserves in the setup as is. So, here's what I'm using. I don't have a tent, I use a Gossamer Gear SpinnTwinn Tarp (see pic) because it is a lot lighter. My hiking poles are double duty as the Tarp poles. I then use a Titanium Goat bivy bag with a waterproof bottom on a polycro groundsheet. Inside the bivy bag is a full-size Gossamer gear nightlight pad that I have cut to shape to fit the bivy bag. Then there's a GoLite Quilt and a silk sleeping bag liner. Turns out, all of this is pretty warm and I wasn't wearing everything I could have worn. I am considering to leave the silk liner behind, but it is an easy way to keep the bag cleaner, so I guess I'll bring it anyway. Humidity was not an issue, neither inside the bivy bag, not is there much of a condensation build-up in the tarp. Mind you, there was some, so in a tent I think it would have been quite a bit that night. Either way, it all worked fine and I'm confident this will work just fine in Scotland too.

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