Thursday, March 27, 2014

Food strategy

I guess that I'll be using something like 3500 - 4000 calories per day,  of which 2000 are base caloric needs and about another 2000 from a day's hiking. Because there's only so much volume and weight I want to carry, one kilogram a day is the maximum I'll carry.  That works out at about 400 calories/100g and thus I will be getting the majority of my calories  from fat (which is probably always true...).  Fresh produce and the like are definitely not possible, canned stuff or anything else with a lot of liquid is impossible too. Leaves really dense and dehydrated foods. I pass on ready-made hiking meals: they cost a lot and don't taste great, besides, it'll be somewhat hard to resupply.  So, here's my planned daily ration:

Total per day:

Trail Mix 100g

Bars 3-4 (150g)

Cheese 200g

Meat 200g

Crackers 100g

Rice/Potato Mash 100g

chocolate 100g

Inst soup 2, 50g

Inst. Coffee (2 spoons)/infusion

Coconut Oil 50g

Total:  1050gr

I'll prepare one warm meal a day in the evening based on the rice and instant mashed potatoes. The other stuff will be eaten as snacks throughout the day. I will make instant coffee or tea for breakfast but not prepare any cereals etc -  I just don't like that stuff much, although it would be easy to bring some instant milk. Maybe I'll bring some vitamins for nutrients, but since it's after all just a couple of weeks, it's probably not a big problem.

The menu makes me long for a decent meal and a beer before I've even started ;-)


  1. I'm in the market for a backpacking stove. What do you recommend?

    1. Hi Gabe - Personally, I like alcohol stoves. They are light, simple and reliable and you can get the fuel - denatured alcohol/paint thinner - in any hardware store. The only drawback maybe is that most of them are on and off only so you can't simmer. The one I use can do that too though - very nice and simple design: A little heavier but very well known and widely available are the trangia stoves.

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